How to bake spice-filled sandworm bread


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I’ll say it!

“The spice must flow…”


(Yes, it’s low hanging fruit. Doesn’t make it any less funny!)


I made this and it actually came out pretty well. I used my Crysknife to slice it up and when my guests came in to the kitchen, it was still out. Had to slay all of them. Rude of me, but I had leftovers.


Garam Masala! Now I want some!


I saw this elsewhere this morning and I think I’m going to have to make it this christmas season at some point. It looks amazing.


I’m going to make this, but instead of bread dough, I’m going to use the dough used in pets de soeurs.

From the recipe in Gallant & Cormier-Boudreau’s La cuisine traditionelle Acadienne (link goes to the english version):
three cups of flour, 1 tsp of salt, 2 tbs of baking powder, half a cup of shortening, one cup of milk. Mix the dry ingredients, work/rub the fat into the dry ingredients then mix in the milk - use your hands, eh.
Roll it out and proceed with the rest of the worm recipe…


Low hanging is best hanging! ^^


I’m curious to find out how this turns out.


Mmm, Shai Hulud.
Remember, mix without rhythm or you wont’ attract the worm.


Shai Hulud, send me a great one, send me the courage to ride it well…

Shouldn’t be it mix with rhytm?
(It wouldn’t be the first manual/datasheet that gets the do/don’t wrong…)


####Looks like @beschizza picked the wrong time to quit carbs.


Like there’s a right time?


Rude perhaps, but necessary. I hope you at least had the common decency to return their water to their respective sietches…


Just as well you don’t know. Prescience can be more of a burden than a blessing.


I laughed when i looked at that link…it looks delicious, but the name, oh the name…nun farts!

ClickBait Title: Scary BreadLight™ is better the Apple Pie!


Turned out okay for the first try. I was going for the original paperback book version of the worm: very small teeth, mouth in three parts - much simpler.

Next time, at the mouth end, I’ll cut off about a third of the dough back - the third that’s the first innermost layer - so that the mouth parts aren’t so thick and wrap that end around a small ball of parchment paper when I roll up the dough/butter/sugar into a cylinder, then cut the three mouth parts into shape and bake it with the ball in the mouth. It should be a lot better. Maybe I can find a small figurine of Sting to put in there then.

Oh, and redesigned, don’t worry, pets de soeurs are such a treat, and sooo guaranteed to cause insulin shock. Yum!


That’s just asking for a yeast infection.


After actually eating it, I can report that…it’s kinda dry. The original recipe did have dipping sauce.

Pets de soeurs are usually baked with a little water in the pan and the sugar needs to caramelize a little. Next time, I’ll make a mould out of aluminium foil and give the sandworm some water.


Pfft. Another water-fat offworlder complaining about Arrakkeen cuisine.


Yeah well, if you spit on my table or my sandworm, I will take it as an insult.