How to break into a Brinks lockbox in seconds

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Yes, most cabinet locks can be opened with a paperclip. This is not exactly news to anyone with a streak of trouble in them.
We did that to higher quality National brand cupboard locks in our school’s supply cabinets in the seventies.


Step 3 might be a problem for me as i might get out of hand with my nefarious cackles. It seems to call them pesky good-doers over.

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applying vertical tension

Tension is stretching something. I don’t think that’s the right word here.

might we say it’s Under Pressure?

Torsion. But I believe the lock picking tool is commonly called a tension wrench, so what do I know.


I’ve always wondered if that was a corruption that occurred at some point in the distant past.

Tension wrench seems to be the older word: Google Books Ngram Viewer

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I’ll raise you a derisive snort

I used to unlock the door to the residence hall floor circut breaker panel when the EE students on the floor got a little over eager with their experiments.

One guy made a jacobs ladder out of a neon light transformer. We had to unplug everything else in the room to make it work without tripping the breaker.

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My dad uses an old 2kV neon transformer for this. Great fun to show the kids. :smile:

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Also, that was an admirable amount of Scotch on display.

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