How to open padlocks with a pair of nut wrenches


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Didn’t look like metal at all. Looks like a platic body with metal innards.



How to open padlocks with a pair of open ended wrenches.

Heh heh. Nut wrenches.


I am not a metallurgist, but that padlock looks pretty cheap.


That’s a Tri-Circle brand padlock made in China. It’s not plastic - that’s gray crinkle-paint.

Here’s a lock-picking analysis on Youtube:

(151) Tri-Circle Padlock Ridiculed and Humiliated


How to multiply force using a simple machine.


Just don’t call them box wrenches.


You ain’t kidding. I suspect a stern glance would be too much for that lock’s structural integrity.


I bought a padlock like that years ago from the 99 cent only store.


Clearly the brand movie villains use to secure their hideouts, secret stashes and treasure chests - the kind of lock Heroes can open by bashing with the butt of a gun…

(Updated butt spelling…)



Even simple science is powerful.


gee, and here I’ve been using bolt cutters all this time.


Yup… But if you got something like some strong wire and wrapped it from wrench to wrench to form many layers, then stuck a screwdriver in and cranked it, you could apply several tons of force to the lock!
Would it work on one of those locks thats built like a proverbial brick @#$%house? Probably not. But for most smaller locks, regardless brass/steel, it’d likely work.
The bigger locks would likely break the wrenches.
So, I suppose this is a message to say “Don’t use small crappy locks to secure your possessions!”

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