Why did Brinks "mindlessly copy" an old defective padlock design?


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Don’t buy this even for your kid’s tricycle.

How about for a piece of moldy old carpeting? Would you use it to lock that up?


From the headline, I’m guessing that Brinks “got a deal” from the same Chinese manufacturer (possibly trading under a different name), which is making the same design as they always have since they already have the tooling for it.


So what is the best padlock to get? I’ve got a lot of tricycles that need locking up!


They should get whoever designed the packaging to build the lock next time. At least the package plastic slowed Bill down for a second there.


Very likely… it looks to me like a classic case of a corporation either farming out its name or going bankrupt and having its name sold to (insert random Chinese manufacturer here). Much like the “Westinghouse” TV sets, “Polaroid” products, and on and on.


Why would any company make a product that merely looks like a thing that works? Because they can make money selling it, and they do not concern themselves with the consequences.


Huh? He only used the boxcutter to open the package. The shim was used to open the lock.


Ugh… That cutting towards one’s thumb.


Only if it encourages people to steal it.


Same # but different graphics and zinc, not “solid brass”.


It is likely especially bad because ‘Brinks’ is a security-associated brand name; but not one whose business actually seems to involve any expertise in locks. Their always-condescending ‘For Consumers’ page doesn’t even mention the product, looks like they do awful financial services instead.

Nothing says “Made with love and care” like a badge-engineered ODM ‘product’ from a company largely unrelated to the field.


As an amateur lock sports hobbyist, I applaud you pointing this one out.
I get all my locks without keys to pick at a local flea market of a buck each.
One thing you learn in this sport is how vulnerable many keyed, and keyless locks are.
I just picked up an electric door lock without a key or an RF fob and was able to open it in 10 seconds with a home made “Bogota” style pick made by John Parks from a street cleaner brush whisker.


Bosnian Bill has great lock picking videos. And he especially hates Master locks because they are so flimsy. Comparing this lock to a Master lock in his mind is the greatest insult ever.

Also, watching his videos makes be feel very vulnerable.


We use Zeiss Ikon. Their padlocks are better than their door locks.


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