How to defend genocidal dictators, serial killers, and other evil people with conservative FACTS and LOGIC

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He certainly has their rhythms down. But for the dip one, I’d have included the indication that the guy in question brought the dip, clearly worked hard to pay for the dip, had the forethought to realize the dip had value, and now others want to criticize him for enjoying the dip-based fruits of his own labor.

It’s possible that one triggered me, as I realized I am that guy. Or was that guy when going to parties was a thing I or any other reasonable if dip-greedy person would do.


Growing up, it was a taboo to eat something you brought. You simply didn’t do it. How I manage it as an adult is to bring something I’d never be interested in eating (cheesy-salsa), or buy two dips (guacamole) and chips (little round tortilla), and enjoy one before the party. It helps!

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Huh. I never encountered that. Heck, I make a point of eating/drinking something I bring to a gathering, since I’ve noticed that sometimes people are shy about being the first one to start on a dish, especially if it has a nice presentation.


The only trope I don’t see is the “That’s taking him out of context, you need to watch these 14 hours of youtube videos before you can begin to speak about him.”


I don’t have a Twitter account so I can’t suggest the Crown Prince of Crime. I searched and found he’d been asked to defend the Joker but hadn’t responded.

Same. Don’t think I would enjoy being somewhere where my eating is being watched. That being said I guess I do calibrate a bit… knowing this awesome thing I’m bringing is for the party and my friends, and I might not even get any myself and that is ok!

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If you haven’t read every one of his tweets (as well as listened in on what he says while talking to himself on the commode), I don’t think you’re in a position to say that.


And btw, don’t forget the counter argument when they say “but he did X” citing something good that maybe he only put his signature on.
“If you dig enough, you’ll likely also find accounts of Hitler, Stalin, Videla, Ho Chi Minh, Mugabe and Saddam Hussein inaugurating schools and hospitals. Does that make them less evil?”.

Am I the only one who saw Bowser and thought of the guy from Sha Na Na?


Not exactly taboo, but I definitely encountered a weaker former of that. A related taboo was to never take away anything your brought (food or booze, that is. The plates can go back where they belong).

edit: bought/brought. An r, an r, my kingdom for an r.

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I’ve read articles like that on consortium news. (It’s standard for a “head of state” to participate in such rituals)

Pro Chavez and Maduro Tankies on Twitter are doing that relentlessly for the last 20 years, it is not a new take but a funny twits on the absurd. Quite entertaining.

Is it really necessary to defend someone who has a long history of being let down by numerous mental health professionals?



Arrr, pieces of eight, pieces of eight… :wink:

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