How to design a chair that can survive an 8-story fall


That is very reasonable, thank you. Someday I need to take a tour of a battleship.


We had God knows how many of these at NASA when I was there in the late '70’s. They were The Chair You Could Always Find when you were on base. I can remember sitting in one of these in the basement of Building 3/14, next door to the 360/65, working on the 9600 baud TSO terminal, writing FORTRAN and assembler.

Most of them still there in 2004 when I left.


Yep. I’m pondering trying to rebuild a no-name pair of telecomm snips (needs sharpening and a new screw as the old one was stripped when it was installed and broken when I tried to remove it) as opposed to buying an actual Klein 2100-7 to replace it.


There’s a lot to unpack in that sentence


The aluminum has a thin coating on it, probably some type of lacquer, that keeps it from oxidizing.


I only read the headline … so let me get this right, we’re trying to make a chair that can survive an autumn that lasts as long as it takes to tell eight stories?


And bonus, you wouldn’t have needed to carry them down the three flights of stairs.


…threw it out of the window. It bounced, but didn’t bend or break.

The Petty Officer sitting in the chair did less well.

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