How to detect counterfeit money

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Swiss banknotes seem to have a lot more security features than were noted on the America notes.


Are people still flogging those iodine pens? Can’t say I’ve seen them lately.

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Currently in my wallet:

Not sure where it came from, but there’s some chance it’s fake.


The pot shop swiped my $50 bill with a pen the other day to check if it was real.

Sir Isaac Newton! Counterfeiter hunter extraordinaire!! Fear him!!!

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That’s a practice bill from China. Chinese bank clerks use it to help them learn how to count and identify authentic American currency that often comes their way due to being passed or exchanged by business and leisure travelers to their country. They are not supposed to leave the bank. You can currently by a bundle of 10 for $9.99 USD.


Most other banknotes do, in my experience. US notes do seem to be somewhat primitive.

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