How To Draw Mushrooms On An Oscilloscope With Sound


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And of course we want the mushroom to move, just like in real life…

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People have for the most part forgotten how much fun X-Y oscilloscopes with CRT tubes are to play with.

Many years ago, I developed an oscilloscope clock using a severely analog Lissajous character generator…

No fancy computer, but a lot of analog signal processing to make the circles, and a tiny micro to guide them.


This was most excellent!

When I was in college, my main extracurricular was television production. I worked on all our shows, and in order to learn editing I helped out with our “MTV” style video show which was one of the few outlets at the time for alternative music videos. This video on oscilloscope is soooo coool…the legs make legs on the scope!

Some great CRT magic there but gotta admit I love the video coat the most!

Some of us do not have silly-scopes any more. Alas.

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