How to explain graphic design to four-year-olds


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“Imagine drawing pictures you hate for people who think you’re stupid.”


“And being paid only reluctantly because it’s not like it’s real work.”

I could go on.


“and having other random people use the same software you do thinking they can do your job because ‘…it’s just done with computers.’ – completely discounting years of schooling and experience.”


That business about finding out what design was by explaining it to four-year-olds - I do that to figure out what’s wrong with a computer program now and then. Explaining the thing to someone else who doesn’t have the background, makes one think about the background.


We then did a yes/no shouting-out exercise, about things that have been designed, and things that havent. My list:

– a puddle (“noooooo!”)
– a book (“yessssss!”)
– a squirrel (“noooooo!”)
– a car (“yessssss!”)
…and so on.

The squirrel one - them’s fightin’ words in parts of the U.S.

That’s all, sorry for being o/t


I was just going to comment on the same thing. Y’all beat me to it :slight_smile:


I love the irony of explaining design on Medium, a website that spits in the face of readability with its anti-PC layout.


[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:62257”]I talked about how signs tell us important things, and the words need to be easy to read. I showed them a simple sign, and asked them what I could do to the letters, to make the sign better.[/quote]“Make the red more green!”
“Give the circle straight sides!”
“I think it needs to pop!”


“i don’t like the font”
“make it memorable, like the Nike logo”
“can you zazz it up?”


Great, so now they can eloquently defend their refusal to color within the lines.



It doesn’t really say “Stop” to me, can you make it louder?


i love this so much i want to cry.


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