How to fight back against the backfire effect


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Let’s make THIS guy prez and be done with it:


I speak fluent English and I’m still going to need someone to translate that.


So here’s a bucket for you to fight back against a tsunami of bullshit. This might help convince some who are duped but those that knowingly generate lies will just generate more lies. Sad.


“Even if all the evidence shows that there’s no voter fraud happening, all that means is that you didn’t catch them at it.”


A muddled, incoherent message is just that in any language.

You couldn’t decipher it, so you pass the sanity check!


Uh oh…




I personally think what we’re seeing is the Chewbacca defense put to work in politics.

Story I was told about a man throwing fish back into a river after a flood. A man comes up to him and tells him it is useless he cannot save all of them stop wasting your time. To which the man held up a fish still wriggling and gasping before putting it back in the water. ‘It mattered to that one.’


Lovely sentiment. I’d like to add for consideration that the flood is not being generated by impersonal natural forces but are sourced by shitty individuals who are literally doing it for the joy in the havoc it creates. Maybe a better way to explain how I feel about it is that these assholes are setting fires faster than we can put them out.


In either case I feel it is our moral obligation to at least try before giving up.

Mostly because of how often I have been written off. If they cannot be convinced to stop then you give up, but you have to put forward a genuine attempt before tossing it in.


True. We also need a means of challenging this bullshit at the source.


True. No use putting out the small fires if the central pyre keeps burning.


It makes more sense in the original Russian.


Is that a hallucinogenic tardigrade with hands for feet?


Yes. That’s how far the “leader bar” has been moved in the past few weeks.


I’m reminded of a fascinating and astute observation Neil Gaiman made at Mythcon 35 that sometimes…

“…the best way to show people true things is from a direction they have not imagined the truth coming.”


Now, now, everyone always looks at the front man (and yes, your tardigrade would be a marked improvement), but loses track of an entire team. The Fascist loofah-faced shitgibbon is only the loudest and least coherent member of the Lying Fascist Shitgibbon Party - he couldn’t capture all that attention without their backing.


Let’s consider the surrounding protozoa as Cabinet replacements.