How to get a free shirt at Disney World: wear a bikini top to the park

How about a podgy 40 year old man? Asking for a friend.


Hm. Has Tucker tried wearing a bikini to the park?


“Why would anyone ________ if _______ just gives them away for free? Are we OK with this? What are we teaching our kids? What do I tell my kids when they ask ______ but I spent all my money on ______ and can’t get a free _____ because I played by the rules and ______? Is this the end of America?”

Yeah, basically is a Mad Lib for any Tucker Carlson “issue”.


No fair! When I went all I was offered was a bag for my head


People wear bikini tops to the beach all the time, and nobody tends to complain about them not being “family friendly”. Why is Disney (a veritable swamp in the summer) any different?


I don’t even own a TV.

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I have seen it suggested that this is because posters prefer how their face looks to them in a mirror and apply a filter to maintain the inverted look since it is how they want to present theirselves to the world: TikTok teen points out that others see the OPPOSITE of what you see when you look in the mirror | Daily Mail Online

I’m not sure if that’s true, or if there is some other reason, but it baffles me too.

I can relate, if there was a filter to make my IRL voice sound like it does in my head I would apply it.

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Genocidal Darth Vader is just Good Family Fun! A possible glimpse of nipple on the other hand, well MY GOD won’t someone THINK OF THE CHILDREN.


I’ve witnessed an unauthorized Jack Sparrow look-alike get escorted from Tom Sawyer island by Disneyland security. He had a pretty convincing outfit and makeup. Most likely had it in a backpack and changed into it in a bathroom because they never would have let him on property looking like that.


Is he hoping they’ll give him free pants?

Living nearby, and knowing people who have worked at the Maus Haus here in CA, the Disney employee manual and training at least theoretically grants “cast members” pretty sweeping powers (including free stuff) to ensure that a guest has a “magical day”. It’s not uncommon to have kids’ dropped ice creams replaced without asking because said small child is crying etc…

That being said, I did not watch the video, but I’m betting that getting a free t-shirt is in no small part based on being at least mildly attractive in a bikini, and being pleasant.

If my grumpy middle aged hairy dad chest shows up in a bikini, I suspect I won’t be given a free shirt…


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