How to hack your air purifier for uninterrupted, planned obsolescence-free use

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That makes it look harder than it is. Install an app, enter some numbers from the app into a web page, type in the numbers it spits out in the middle of another set of numbers

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Or you can tape a 20x20 furnace filter (pick a high MERV for cleaner air) to a box fan and get just as good a result as dedicated air filters for 1/10th the price, and be able to replace the filter at any hardware store.

Here is an engineer testing various filters with wood smoke


This story is less about ways to filter air and more about being duped by a seemingly innocent product into entering into a locked in subscription model, and triumphing over the enshittifier’s machine by simply waving your cell phone over the crippled filter.

It should serve as a warning that subscription products in general, and Xiaomi products in particular, are sleazy scams, and are best avoided altogether.


Here’s the thing for me: I’m with TheUnwiseBard in that hooking up a 20x20 filter to a box fan (or making a box with five sides filters and the sixth a box fan) makes the most sense overall.

On the other hand, for esthetics, I would love something more svelte or attractive. Presuming the filters get full, my goal would be to replace within something more affordable and, more likely, available in a decade.

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