Save up to 77% on these air purifiers for your home or car

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these posts make me feel weird

We had to get one for our son’s allergies, so I researched Consumer Reports. The only ones they really recommend are the BlueAir ones. Some of their tested models did essentially nothing.:

We got the BlueAir 211+. It has made some difference in his ability to sleep, though the real test won’t start until April or May.

Come for the anti-capitalist rants and occasional shame videos, stay for the consumerist sales pitch.

The next time the weather is SMOKE up here near Seattle, I plan to borrow a box fan and find the closest fit filter on amazon (today I found 2 for $40 at decent rating.)

Ugh, why are there so many filter rating systems? /rhetorical

I have been through a bunch of different air filters. The cost they don’t discuss is replacing the actual filters. Just like printers and ink/toner. Recently I have decided to just DIY it. All you need is a simple box fan and a 20x20 filter. You can buy these in bulk to save money. The filters come in a wide range of filtration levels too.

Does the fan ever overheat because it was not designed to push air through a dense filter? Genuinely interested. Looks like a good hack (this concern, apart).

So for no issues. I usually do not have it on full speed though. During research for this, I found some people put the filter on the back and use the fans suction to hold it there. I am using a single long “rubber band” to hold it on the front. There is definitely air that bleeds though the sides and out the back, but there is a definite collection of particulate matter on the filter.

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OK - thanks.
If it were me I would not run it unattended or when asleep - but that’s just my personal excessive caution, instilled from seeing other abused electrics overheat.

I’d use the back not for suction but to reduce how often the blades/motor need to be scrubbed.

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