How to make a beautiful MoMA-inspired necklace out of paracord

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Tactical and practical, pretty and chic.Now all it needs is a clasp that has a hex bolt wrench, beer opener and toothpick.


Maybe Leatherman will create one as a companion to the Tread bracelet thing?

I think this needs a Monkey Fist addition, for defensive use.

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Beautiful homage to the MOMA piece. I’d love to see the whole thing done with the gold thread rather than the beads.

Question - is there a way to make the knots as loose and open as they are in the gold MOMA version?

If you owned your own copy of Ashley’s Book of Knots, you wouldn’t need to shop at MOMA.

or get it as a free download:

You’d be amazed at what you can make with rope, cord, and other small stuff and a copy of Ashley’s. It has the best illustrations of knots, bends, plaits, splices, etc found anywhere.


If I had to guess the original artist that made the metallic necklace used knitted copper wire with gold colored enamel from silver silk:

I kinda want to do something like this by turning a whole bunch of my scrap yarn into I-cord. If you want to go down the real DIY route you can get a bunch of craft wire and make cord with it. I’ve seen some very nice things made from wire and a French Knitter. I’m on the fence on wire that has been knitted flat.

I really appreciate how you’ve schooled us in making a DIY MoMA product. Your necklace is awesome! going to ask my craft-skilled friend if they can help me make one

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Rosalba Galati. An actual, real human being designed the necklace you are knocking off and most likely has lived a precarious existence making a living at it.

If it’s worth copying surely it’s at least worth crediting the original artist? Am I out of line here?

I see you have mastered the art of bad kickstarter that somehow gets funded anyway. Very good.

Edit: I’m deducting 1 point for not also somehow integrating a minimalist wallet. Sorry.


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