How to make a difference


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Bring someone joy with our no-fail last minute gift idea

That vid was hilar, but truck nuts always make me think of this clip from Tosh 2.0


Okay, I admit it. That was cute.

@Melizmatic: I’ve seen those on trucks and cars, but never a hog before.




Re: Truck nuts… one time I saw a pair on the back of a truck that also flashed with the blinkers on the truck.


We bought my dad a set as a joke gift. He used them as a weight for things like fishing/boating stuff and holding down tarps. Shits weighed a ton, initially at least they were just a lump of ball shaped molded metal.


Christ, what a… perhaps accidentally decent person in some strange way?

I’ve been an organ donor for 30 years. By the time I’m done with em, they’ll not be worth much to anyone living except perhaps as objects of research. My wife’s father donated his body to science (worked as a designer at the Ontario Science Museum all his life, so that makes perfect sense).


That’s a great PSA.

Truck nuts: I had a pair on a Suburu years ago…but I painted them with spray glitter.


Thank you for posting this! I thought it was hilarious but the message is spot on. My father (RIP) received a liver transplant which gave him 10 good years. Without that gift of life he would not have met any of his grandchildren, seen my brother get married, traveled to Europe and so many other things. We don’t know who his donor was but I’d like to think it was someone like this.



“Glitter Nuts” are all the rage today, I hear.




I’m going through this right now after my brother’s passing. The donation process was remarkably helpful in dealing with grief. They even sent a letter specifying what they were able to successfully harvest (he was in poor health, and we were concerned nothing would be usable).

On a related note: if you don’t have a living will, a regular will, and beneficiaries formally listed on all insurance, property, pension, and retirement funds, please do it immediately while you’re healthy. My brother was a kind and intelligent man, but he didn’t do any of those and it’s becoming a real burden (not to mention a severe waste of money). If he’d known the labor and financial cost, I’m sure he would have done all of them instead of simply telling us his wishes verbally. He’d been in poor health for some time, and didn’t like thinking/talking about it, but he underestimated the true cost of avoiding an uncomfortable subject.


That was a great ad! It read like a setup to one of Joe Frank’s radio plays, who coincidentally is alive today after a kidney transplant ten years ago.

In my area, “peak truck nuts” seemed to occur around 2005, I hardly ever see them anymore.


All they’re doing is making new assholes since we all know that the transplanted organs change people’s personalities!



So strange that we’d find the same video entertaining!


Let’s make a difference!


I hear that they are really popular in China…


Always been a donor. Speaking of which. I give blood, what about you?