The world's biggest asshole


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Everyone is useful. Even as compost.


I wonder who got his asshole



I’m still giggling. Absolutely perfect!


Some great little secondary touches to this. I love the mother running towards the closing door at Halloween.


Or throwing change at the stripper…that made me LOL


Or as a warning and/or example to others.


Good to know we know the teacher will live until at least 2041.


so freaking funny.


Was s’s’s’s’shomebody th’h’h’halking about s’s’meee?


Poor Eugene.


Needs more fire.

Although we maybe shouldn’t make fun of the real and horrible affliction.


Shotgun, needs more shotgun… :frowning:


Ha! It is funny because the squirrel asshole gets dead.

Seriously, the worst part is that I can actually think of worse people without even trying very hard. Sure, this guy was a serious jerk on a small-time level, but it’s not like he had enough power to be really harmful to say, an entire state or nation. There are assholes on the national or world-wide level, the like of which some small-town mope like Coleman Sweeney won’t even begin to approach.

Of course, it does go to prove that some people really are more useful to the world when they’re dead! (Hey, I’m a full-body organ donor, and I’m sure there are people that would say the same thing about me.)


I kept waiting for the punchline - that his organs were contaminated and all the recipients became Trump supporters. I really need to stop reading the news.


Aw, I thought your comment was appropriate.


I’m sure Trump is an organ donor too.


His organs are the Greatest, the Best. We all wish we had organs this Great.


Yeah, but there’s only so much demand for bile ducts.