How to make a first date even more awkward? Eye-tracking glasses

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men be checking the junk in the trunk it seems.

ETA on the ball player though why? i mean not like you can tell anything through the cup anyway.


It’s a codpiece. Nothing more.


I’d like to see a study with these glasses worn by MRA douchebags


I dunno. Were I single and less straight, I’d go on a second date with Drew. He’s got some potential.

Dave needs help.

Carlo’s promising, cute and pretty chill, but I suspect accents which are foreign to one another are often attractive (I speak here from personal experience and nothing wrong with this).

Do you get the same sense I do, that they’d be checking each other out mostly?


Yes!- along with deranged yawpings of “No homo!” as they slowly lose their minds…


Women obviously don’t recognize that the power in a swing comes from the pelvis.


And that’s why I practice studying things in my peripheral vision.


The women seem rather obsessed with the man’s left hand.

As a way of asserting your masculinity? There’s a need to do so?

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does it have a ring? (this is usually what we’re thinking)



As a way to not be monitored, in a future where lots of people are tracking where we look. On second thought, it would easier to just wear mirrorshades.

It seemed that you were saying that you train your vision to not wander to people’s junks lol. I was just poking some fun at the notion.

That’s not how eye tracking works, heat mapping is usually generated in controlled environments to test for variables and better stuff. You must be filmed looking at stuff and the filming processed in eye tracking software. It’s extremely difficult to assert eye tracking from a security camera. You could, maybe, determine that a person is looking at a store, but heat maps for shoppings usually map how much people move or stay and paths.

The future is today, if you are online you are being tracked. If you have a phone with GPS and Internet, you are being tracked. This data is being collected. And leaked with alarming ease.

Either way, training your peripherical vision wouldn’t make a difference in eye tracking because you would still move your eyes on targets (it’s impossible to not focus without straining your eyes or hurting yourself), your heat map would only be a bit blurred and repetition is what counts - how many times your eyes moved to that point.

Go with shades, shades are sexy :wink:


The most surprising example, to me, is what a vast amount of porn, supposedly made for straight men, spends plenty of time obsessing over jumbo junk. It’s not to my taste, personally, and so I notice when it clutters up the menu.

No pun intended.


You didn’t follow my link!

Is the assumption that people only ever look at each other faces for purely intellectual and communication-related reasons, and never because they find each other faces - lips, eyes, smiles - sexy? Let’s not pretend that finding hands, arms or beards sexy is any more intellectual than enjoying breasts and butts :slight_smile:

Which isn’t to say that sexualizing other people is a good, or even acceptable thing to do. It’s not. But the stereotypical image of a gross, boob-staring dude is a bit of an oversimplification.

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