How to make a Man of Steel burger, and other superhero recipes


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Is it served in Buns of Steel?


So if I consume his flesh then his powers pass into me?


Bleagh, it won’t show up.


I think a restaurant where all the food on the menu is from media-tie-in cookbooks would be a cool idea.


Kind of a really, really big cognitive leap: super hero, to super athlete, to athletics.

A few friends and me were ruminating the other day if you took a triathlon and put swimming at the end, you couldn’t give medals except for, “you survived The Triathlon”.

But on topic, what would an Iron Man look like? You wouldn’t need to be an Iron Man to eat one (I.e. so much food it is insane), but what would Tony stark eat?


I make Superman (and Supergirl) sandwiches for the kids all the time.

Step 1: Make sandwich
Step 2: Cut from top left and right corners to centre of opposite side (so close to an inverted equilateral triangle).
Step 3: Flip the outside pieces.

Depending on the filling I sometimes put the S on in tomato sauce.




Here’s my Martian Manhunter tribute recipe…


A burger made out of Superman? That’s GOT to be chewy…


Thought he liked Hydrox


Having read the wikipedia info about Hydrox I think I prefer the sound of them to those weird Oreo things; but then, I’m British, so we like a decent biscuit.


“Images” that do not end in .jpg or .png are gonna be a problem. You can see my edit fakes one in.


Using the <img src=“whatever”> tag helps in such cases.


Thanks bro, you da l33t haxx0rz!


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