How to make a minimalist stereo with an old phone and a $20 amp


Do tell!

By the way, have you seen this?


Now that’s some harsh. Oddly enough, I was playing the Philip Glass Ensemble’s Retrospective album (on my wonderfully real stereo; -) as I was loading up BB. Wouldn’t you know, The Grid started playing just as Rob’s article scrolled into view.

(And when I’m done with that album, I’ll listen to Keene’s Satyagraha…or maybe Akhnaten…there’s no knowing what us natural-born Americans will do next!)


not bad at all. I mean, I would have just re-positioned the damn iphone and taken another photo, jeez, guys


I made the remix!

And Koyaanistocksi is amazing. Thank you.


That’s what I did. You have a nice place.


You forgot to link to the appropriate thread


So is this a series about how if you have enough money you can “own nothing,” and still have whatever you want, whenever you want it, with a roof over your head every night?


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Minimalist is an apt term, as the size of the electronics needed to store and reproduce music pretty darn well has shrunk to near zero. And you had the good sense to buy speakers from the thrift store, which is the best way to get hooked up with excellent quality speakers for not much dough.

Well done, sir.


I once saw a photo of someone’s stereo system, circa 1961. They had a “Sweet 16” speaker (a fad for a while, 16 small and cheap speakers in an array, the claim was the total package was great), nice and large, with the turntable sitting on top.

That should o wonders for the sound coming from that turntable, all kinds of feedback.


put a monitor on the same desk as my turntables once. learned the hard way. felt pretty dumb.


I’ve written to a few (like Bose) companies: why isn’t there a stereo player (maybe with built-in amp, maybe not) that sits in my media center with the following:

  1. connects to an amp
  2. Plays MP3/FLAC/OGG etc.
  3. Runs WinAmp or some other audio-dedicated software music player on a decent display
  4. Controllable via remote control, preferably from across the room
  5. I can sync my media library from my PC to storage in this shelf system rather than trying to stream it
  6. doesn’t cost my first-born and half my kingdom?


Have I got a link for you!
Popular Electronics, April 1961


I doubt that the thing you want would ever exist as a product. Look at what the television companies do with the Linux computer that’s part of every TV set nowadays: load it up with a crippled browser that only knows how to stream the stuff provided by the content providers that the TV makers cuts deals with.

Just put a low-end PC in your media center and run WinAmp on it.


No memos in minimalist week. They take up too much space.


You could achieve most of that with a tablet, and depending on the app, you could likely control it with your phone. Get a cheap Android and stick a big SD card in it for your music.

I still use a Logitech Squeezebox Touch to play all my music. It needs an external server, but I think everyone should have a media server setup in this day and age. I use an HP Microserver running FreeNAS. You can control the Squeezebox with your phone or a PC on the same network. It’s very nice.

These days you can ever skip the amp for a single-source setup by using active speakers, which are pretty common now.


I was thinking a while back that today’s dorm student just needs a smartphone and a pair of powered mini speakers (like AudioEngine A2s), and they’d be sorted.


You can do this with a Raspberry Pi, a Pi-compatible sound card (the sound hardware on the Pi is terrible), and XBMC/Kodi.


I like @Ladyfingers suggestion better, fond as I am of tinkering. Kodi makes me want to punch myself in the face, it’s so bloody awkward to use. A Raspi and a basic linux setup with [$musicplayeryoulike] and Unified Remote set up on it and a smartphone would make me significantly less stabby. Given how cheap a basic tablet is, the lazy option is a pretty good deal mind. I use an old Lenovo notebook with a b0rked screen plugged into the amp & Tv cos that’s what was lying around. Mind you, the collection of wires and mismatched technology plugged into big speakers that constitutes my living room isn’t describable as ‘minimalist’ :smiley:


I just sent this picture to like everybody, they’re gonna be pissed, I titled it Excellent Design.