How to make a spider catching device


Cool device, but spiders are not insects!


Does it need to use canned air? I’m going to make one with a tube you puff into. Hmm, could fit a trumpet mouthpiece in there - Fanfare of Arachnid Transposition - pfft pfft PFFFFT

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Nature already created the perfect spider-catching device. It’s called a cat.


You should take the demo at the end and move it up front. Then if people want to make one they can watch the rest.


I have a spider-catching device that I call “a paper towel tube.”

I open the bathroom window (it’s always the bathroom ones my daughter calls on me to remove, and I do, so that nobody will squash them) first, then I put the tube mouth over the spider. I check to see if it’s crawled into the tube. If it hasn’t, I put it over the spider again and move it a little.

Once it’s in, I turn the tube as needed, point it out the window, and blow.

I like spiders, personally, and wish them no harm. Except the black widow that bit Dad that one time, but she’s already paid the price for that.

I just use my hand.


Half-inch tubing? I don’t know where the designer lives but spiders that will fit down so small a tube are not worth messing with - they just get themselves eaten by the big ones… We have real spiders where I live.


I call it a glass and sheet of paper, or hands… but that’s trickier to avoid an unfortunate squishing of our fly-catching friends.


Unless you’re talking about tarantulas, 1/2" pipe should work fine.

I don’t understand. The spider just walked away and isn’t even a little bit on fire.


Using the glass also allows observation of interesting spiders (or other arthropods). And using hands facilitates the possible acquisition of superpowers.

Have you ever been to Florida?

The friendly wolf spiders in my shop (who I encourage because they eat the verdammt camel crickets) run about an inch and a quarter across.

There are manually-operated spider catching devices on the market that you can buy for cheaper than the materials to make this, can catch spiders of reasonable size (unlike the microscopic one in the clip) and don’t vent unnecessary propellent into the atmosphere. They use plastic fibres to pick up a spider without harm, at arm’s length. I’m all for making things, but this gadget seems a bit over-engineered to me.

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I find a “dustbuster” work quite nicely. Although it does scare the heck out of the spider.

I must have a Cat Wheel. Thank you, Mark!

Exactly! This is the first rule of instructional videos! The completed project is shown FIRST.

But, they look so friendly.

I suggest an upgrade to the Florida model: 1 1/2" galvanized pipe construction.