How to make a window look covered in ice crystals

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Before you spray those windows, make sure the product is safe.


I’m pretty sure Epson salts works just fine too; it’s not uniform, and a thicker in some places, but I have memory of it working. Below is what I found just using Google.

Paraphrased, see source below

  • … Make a supersaturated solution by stirring the Epsom salt (solute, [35g or ⅓cup]) into warm tap water (solvent) inside the beaker. …
  • …Use the lens cloth to “wash” the solution onto a glass window or mirror. Dab away the excess to avoid drips.…
  • … Let it dry…
    Source: frosted window panes

I think this is how my sister and I did it as a kids, with my mothers supervision, and some book we checked out from the library that had a “recipe” for fake ice crystals on glass. I wish I had that book, because it had a lot of recipes for making crystals With household ingredients.

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I’m already paranoid enough of my house wearing down and needing maintenance. I’m not going to spray chemicals all over the windows.


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