Crystallized books


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those poor books


This is roughly how friend’s books looked after that basement lab fire. Except more colorful (the cocktail of broken bottles yielded quite some Prussian blue) and more smelly.

i think an alum solution would make for a cool crystallization, as would a copper salt solution.

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Even sodium chloride would. Try it, it’s fun. :smiley:

Lots of things make nice crystals. Oh the fun I had as a kid with them…

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That’s actually really good for killing ants. You soak the books in a Borax solution until they crystallize and when you see an ant you whack him with one!


I suppose passively-aggressively mentioning book destruction in order to engender a Godwin is inappropriate here?

There’s an old Get Fuzzy strip that involves Bucky Kat gluing broken glass to a table and calling it art. This reminds me of that.

I think the right word to apply here is “mosaic”.

No, this was just random bits of broken glass sloppily glued to random spots on the table. No images or patterns.

While some would call it art, others would just throw it away.

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Ah, but imagine if they were subsequently covered in honey…

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What about starting with the honey, and let the crystals form from sugar?

Long time ago, before the Age of Digital Cameras (so sorry, no pics :frowning: ), I had a glass of honey with a small handful of large (up to half-inch) well-formed sugar crystals. The conditions were apparently just right for this instead of forming a plethora of small crystals throughout the volume.

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  1. Come up with a cool looking thing. Some people stop there, but they lack ambition.
  2. Reverse-engineer some sort of lofty-sounding intention that might conceivably apply to 1. Pretend 2. came first and is actually the important part.
  3. Art!

That said, that’s a proper cool looking thing right there.

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