How to make something that's darker than Vantablack


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GAAAAH!!! His “explanations” are all circular. I hope this guy never tries to explain the Copernican model - he would end up making thousands of converts to the Flat Earth Society.

I like his demo, and the “surprise reveal” is cool, but he seriously needs a scriptwriter.


“‘It’s the wild colour scheme that freaks me out,’ said Zaphod, whose love affair with the ship had lasted almost three minutes into the flight. 'Every time you try and operate these weird black controls that are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up in black to let you know you’ve done it.’”


A hole. He made a hole.
It’s sort of a magic trick that doesn’t know it’s a magic trick?


Made me think of this:


Make sure you have safe search turned on when looking up “perfect black bodies”.


That just made me think of…


Please consider using the spoiler tag Click the gear icon on the right. Also it’s just an html tag called spoiler!


A portable hole?



Called it! Then again, I’m an acoustician, so I’m well-versed with ways to absorb energy. Neat vid, though a script editor would help miles.


There’s a surprising reveal at the end.

It goes to 11?


It’s not really a spoiler, is it? I figure if one is commenting on the video, one has probably watched the video. (It kind of feels rude to do otherwise.) If one has not watched the video yet leaps into comments, then that is surely because one is wondering how he “made something darker than Vantablack” and wishes to cut to the chase and get the answer without watching the video?

/runs to do search without safe search turned on
Whew, saucy!





Fuck this guy.


Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman had some pertinent advice in Good Omens in case anyone needs to get a colour reference.

"[S]imply select a healthy brick wall with a good run-up, and, lowering your head, charge. The color that flashes in bursts behind your eyes, behind the pain, just before you die, is infra-black."


Mmm so hot. Look at the peak wavelength on that one.


By the way the blackest material, which you can currently buy is a T-shirt by Phoebe Heess.


There’s a surprising reveal at the end.

Yes that is absolutely what a spoiler is. While I agree that it makes relatively little sense to peruse the comments without watching the video or wondering what the reveal is, it’s just courteous to our friends whose motives we cannot fathom :grin:

And don’t call me Shirley.


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