How to make sourdough starter at home

Commercially shredded coconut, I’m afraid. Added “raw” for whatever degree it has been prepared. I grew up with “lightly”-sweeted coconut, but I prefer unsweetened coconut. Be sure to add extra baking powder. I have some unsweetened “coconut powder” but that’s more like grated coconut and much better in yogurt or on icecream than in a waffle.

I just keep coming up with crap-shortcuts, don’t I?

Next week, I’ll let you in on the secret of my rootbeer-glazed spam…

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Please, you’re making my stomach growl!

So unhealthy.


So delicious!

My GP would not approve. But my dentist could afford a new car!

I think everyone should do it. Once.

Do you have a recipe handy?

  1. Buy cinnamon rolls from store.
  2. Put in waffle iron.
  3. Profit!

Again, not the healthiest thing.


So simple!
Here I was, thinking it would be some complicated to-do!


  1. Buy cinnamon rolls from store.
  2. Put in waffle iron.
  3. Paint house
  4. Use Raspberry Pi to hack DEA records
  5. Enjoy cinnamon waffles!

Mmmmm, raspberry pie.

Alternate difficult setting:

  1. Use raspberry pie to hack DEA records (we recommend social hacking in this case)

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?EAT ALL TEH WAFFLES NOM NOM NOM.


Well, there’s certainly no losers with that action.

Churro Waffles?
Use Your Waffle Iron to Make Extra-Crispy Churros Without a Deep Fryer | Serious Eats

ultimately, via Will It Waffle?


Wilbur. Some Starter.

My daughter introduced me to will it waffle? just today. We’re buying a waffle iron.


I, er… uggh, ahhhh

Oh. My.
[Falls over in delight]


Churro waffles, Cinnamon-Roll waffles, etc = high energy breakfast
High-energy breakfast with low-energy dinner helps control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes
Therefore, Churro Waffles, Cinnamon-Roll Waffles, et al = part of a sensible diet.


As others have said, that’s basically what the article describes, and it’s really not that hard. Although it’s splitting hairs a bit whether the yeast was in the air or was already on the flour – it’s generally the latter, but it’s not something you have much control over.

As far as I’ve read, both adding commercial yeast and adding fruit (typically grape skins) actually slows down the process in the long run, since the natural sour dough yeast has to first out-compete the yeast you put in there.

I had a starter that I made with just flour and water and used it for five years. It finally died after I left it in the fridge for six months, but I have some dried starter that I made from it several years ago that I plan on rehydrating soon.

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I, er… uggh, ahhhh

Oh. My. [Falls over in delight again]