How to potty train your cat, according to jazz musician Charles Mingus

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Composer and bass player please!

Yes he did play the piano but bass was his instrument.


So of course I’m going to link a track from Mingus plays piano!

Lovely album I haven’t listened to in a few years. I will now.


And he recorded another entire album on which he played only piano and sang! Keith Richard’s version of this song on the Hal Willner masterminded tribute album Weird Nightmare (featuring Harry Partch’s weird instruments) is quite wonderful, too.


Right. Original post should be amended to singer and piano player Charles Mingus!


Any word from Scatman?


We tried one of those kits to toilet train a cat about 7 years ago. It was a series of smaller and smaller bowls you put into an insert on the toilet seat. At the time, though, we had three cats all at different levels of apprehension for the whole of it. It would have been a great cash saver for us if it had worked out, but it was more frustrating and more work than anything else.

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Didn’t know you could flush newspaper ( :flushed:?). We use a corn-based litter, but still bag it up and put in the regular trash.

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We got one of these years ago and it’s been revolutionary. Cats took to it right away and haven’t had to scoop, empty or touch dirty litter since. Worth every penny.

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while there are some flushable litters most municipalities don’t want you to flush it not because of the litter… but because of bacteria and other differences between cat poop and human poop

i imagine it’s hard to tune waste processing, and most places want pet waste in the trash

( i wouldn’t think flushing newspaper is good either. tp is specially made to breakdown quickly. even paper towels can gum up the works - your own and the processing facility. there were lots of problems during the tp shortage because of paper towel use )

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Looking at the picture of a cat pooping that accompanied the article, I idly daydreamed about a fictitious conversation between the cat and the photographer. Cat (to photog): “Do you want a full money shot or should I just scrunch up my face like I’m pinching one off?”. Photog (to cat): “Nah, Let’s go with a profile and a relaxed but serious face.” Cat (to photog): “How’s this?” Photog (to cat): “Great! Let’s do a tad more leg spread…perfect! Hold it…(click) Done!”.


I have that kind of conversation with my cat All the time.

Well one of us does when she’s doing something stupid anyway.


I can see this backfiring when the cat grows elderly.

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