How to send mail to Chelsea Manning, if you are so inclined

Excuse my ignorance, what do PFC and E-1 mean? Completely not au fait with US military jargon

I would assume E-1 is the rank everyone starts with as a new recruit, so “reset to level 1”.

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I don’t understand why you are doxxing her. Is this, like Foop posted, supposed to be a comment on how they haven’t made the administrative change to Manning’s name yet, or are you posting this for other reasons? I think, even if you presume most of the mail she gets will be supportive (not sure you can make that assumption), this feels irresponsible.

It’s not exactly doxxing as I think it’s reasonable to assume that most of the posters here would send messages of support. She’s enough of a public figure that it can;t be too difficult to locate a mailing address with a google search. I think it was posted with the intent to imply that there was something wrong in a huge organization having not immediately reacted to one person.

“E1” is technically a pay grade, associated with the lowest enlisted rank in each of the armed services. In the army, it’s “Private”. In other services, it may be different. For instance, in the navy, it’s “Seaman Recruit.”

Manning held the rank of specialist–equivalent in pay (E4) to a corporal, but with no supervisory responsibility.

I don’t know Xeni’s intentions, but I got no implied critique of the military from that post. It seems like one way to have that information for google to find is to post it on a website like boingboing. I appreciated it, and am glad to easily have the address to use, plus the information that it should probably include Chelsea Manning’s legal name. Sure there are probably other sources of this information, but is there a problem with having it posted at boingboing as well, given Xeni’s coverage of the whole thing?

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You can find anybody’s details with a little internet research, but posting those details on a popular site and calling for people to send mail feels like stepping over the line, even if your intent is support and positivity. I wouldn’t want it for myself, anyway.

I also think it’s naive to underestimate the number of bigots who would seize on this as an opportunity to give Manning a hard time. Obviously Xeni and Boing Boing are supporters and that is not their intent, but I guarantee this will bring in hate mail and death threats from ignorant hateful people.

I’ll also admit that my first thought was to the number of people who would send negative mail, but I guess this just means I should send something positive to do a small part in balancing it out (or, better yet, overriding the negative altogether).


This seems to really bother you.

In her statement, Manning said she looks forward to corresponding with people. It seems like you’d need the correct address to do that. They’ll bounce back mail that isn’t addressed just right.

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Doxxing? What do you think we’re going to do, send her 100 Papa Johns? Once you’re incarcerated, your address is pretty much a matter of public record. It’s called Habeas Corpus.


Somebody should try Chelsea Manning c/o Bradley Manning

And PFC is Private First Class.

To everyone grousing about BoingBoing publicizing Chelsea’s mailing address, it’s fairly much tradition for supporters of political prisoners or the wrongfully imprisoned to give out mailing addresses. People in prison have limited contact to the outside world and it’s nice to hear from supporters.

If you have nice things to say to Chelsea and are going to use her correct pronouns inside the letter, please do. As oldsma mentioned, she did say she’d like correspondence.

It’s often that way for civilian prisons too. People who write CeCe McDonald letters have to use the name the prison has her down for.

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You are just determined to be offended about a plain statement of fact.

omg, thank you!! i googled this very thing the other day when i read of her announcement after conviction, but i only came up with older addresses. i plan to spread this info around and encourage as many people as i can think of to write to her. she’s been on my mind continuously lately and this newest, formalizing announcement has entirely recast her pretrial incarceration for me, with its forced nudity and 24 hour supervision in solitary confinement. it was wrong before but seems doubly so now (sexist i know, but still). much, much appreciated info.

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Asserting or assuming intent when there are far more plausible and probable explanations in a way that casts a negative light on someone or something doesn’t exactly comport with journalistic integrity. While the army and/or US government may very well deserve a negative light cast on them for any number or reasons, this isn’t one of them.

Why does my concern concern you?

Man, she’s already been tortured.

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At least it’s not Little Caesar’s. That stuff is just awful.

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