How to skin a cat

Affordable, but unless things have changed in the last couple years, good luck getting them shipped into the country.

Also, my sources say that buying a several watt laser module gets you on a list.

Mine’s 1.5w, and I made sure to pay cash at a Con. :wink:

(but srsly, if you can get me into a 3w for less than 200, I might upgrade…)

EDIT: Whatttttt, $100?

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AFAIK the regulations are about laser pointers only. Industrial stuff and bare diodes should not have this inane bureaucratical annoyance.


Tempted, tempted, tempted…! Could be useful for laser heat treatment and microwelding and maybe laser soldering…

Cats to peguins to orcas to lasers.

@bbsmods, I think we have won the internet today. We can power it off, all test cases have passed.



I always pictured a knife switch but thats just me.


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