How to skin a cat


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I have it on internet authority the most disgusting animal to taxidermy is a penguin.

You are welcome for that tidbit.


Yes, but is this the only way to skin a cat?


No, there’s more than one way. But you shouldn’t. Cats need their skin.


Why would you want to skin them when there are many other useful things one can do…



Ah, classic Itchy & Scratchy.


Why is that?


Stinky, fishy fat everywhere.


OH. Gawd. I can imagine. It would be like fish oil pill burps everywhere, wouldn’t it?


That is what I’ve heard–why do I even know this?? :smiley:


Well, HĂĽsker DĂĽ clearly lays out how you can do it - and turn a tidy profit at the same time:


Personally I’d rather skin a penguin than an orca.


Octopus, or orca?


Based on size octopus.
But orca over giant squid.



(Why can’t we have both? At once?)


The cats are going to leave with stories like this being posted…


And then return. With a vengeance.


Or perhaps armed with lasers?


Given the affordability of several-watt diode laser modules, sounds plausible to me. :smiley:


Well, hop to it. We need cats with lasers, stat! Have you seen the world out there lately?