The Love Glove


That is not what I expected The Love Glove to be.


Grooming your cat is a losing battle. Why bother?

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Aaaand it’s $16.29 if you’re in Canada. Rats!


Because the more loose fur you groom off them, the less they groom off and then regurgitate. Yes, hairballs are part of the price we choose to pay for keeping cats, but reducing their frequency makes everyone more comfortable.

Besides, half the reason we keep animals larger than guinea pigs in the first place is to exchange grooming behavior with them. Fuzzy tranquilizers.


Despite the sexy name, and strangely sexy tone of this article, it really does work well.

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I believe there was a Love Glove in Of Mice and Men… somewhat different in function, though.

For $8.29 shipping on top.

This was all a big tease

Unless you’re batching the order with other things to hit the free-shipping threshold. Delayed gratification pays off again.

Not from to Canada. There is no free shipping with that. Now does have free shipping if your order is $25 or more, but as llaen mentioned above, sells it for $16.29 instead of’s price of $5.69.

I’m sure there are other suppliers if you do a bit of websearching – and probably some of them are Canadian, eh?

(Only a gentle tease. I’ve actually been really happy dealing with Canadian companies. So far they’ve upheld the stereotype of most Canadians being Nice People. F’rex, I believe Omega Paw – makers of the simplest and most effective self-cleaning litterbox I’ve seen – is Canadian.)

Good news everybody! While searching for a supplier that would ship to Canada, I found a Love Glove that’s more in line with what I was expecting.

Doc Johnson took their most popular material (UR3 Ultimate Skin) and combined it with one of their most popular items (the good old masturbation sleeve) for the simply amazing and amazingly simple The Tube. A little lube and a little Tube … it’s a perfect fit every time. The tube is 6" long and open-ended for easy clean-up.

Only $9.99. Sadly, they charge $15.99 for flat rate shipping to Canada.

I also found a supplier for this Love Glove that has free shipping to Canada if you spend $49 or more there.

Ordered. (The kitty one, not the other one.) The Furminator deshedder is best for most of my cats, but one of them has sensitive skin and it hurts him. Hopefully, this will be easier on him.

Cat to other cat: “It’s like, oh man!..a giant tongue! And she grooms me with it! Cat nirvana!”
Other cat: “Woah!”

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