How to solve your problems when no one else can help

1985: Laying on the carpet eating Fletcher’s corn dogs and watching the A-Team. Happy times.


Just realized what that the middle of the theme song ( starting at 0:47) reminds me of…it’s a lot like the riff from Black Sabbath’s Dirty Women (starting at 3:16)

OTOH, this motif probably shows up in at least a dozen other songs from the 1970’s.

An acorn falls from a tree and hits the car…


I was at my moms and there as an old MacGuyver episode on. He and his grandpa were evading some hit men. He came up with a plan to put flammable pine sap on some pine cones and tossed them under two jeeps - which blew up.

“Argh! I knew we should have gotten the model that didn’t have an open container for the gas tank!”

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You could try The Equalizer instead…

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I am honestly pretty sure this show is a large part of why I have so much welding/metalworking equipment. Some part of my brain insists that all problems can be solved by welding steel plate onto a car.

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That part of your brain is not wrong.


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