How to start a yard fire


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That guy’s mom was pissed !


Seven seconds in and my eyebrows tried to hide in fear and anticipation of what is obviously to come.

This is actually relevant science:


That was a pretty effective method, I have to admit.



I concur most whole heartedly.


All that is realistically needed to start a bonfire is a really small amount of accelerant. Though none is needed if the wood is dry enough.

I think one of the more clever ways to start a bonfire that i’ve seen in person was at a small burner gathering. They’d rigged several small firework rockets to be guided into the wood pile by strings.


So. . . burning that stuff in an old metal barrel was too “hobo” for you?


If this were 20 years ago, I would say I strongly suspect I knew who that German couple was…

I’m looking at you, Claudia and Frank.


I didn’t know they had rednecks in Europe.

“Holt meine bier und vatch dis.”


Do they have a son called Till?


Where do you think your rednecks came from?

Also your lousy German emulation… pretty cringe-worthy. Please don’t do it again.




The key component of a quality yard fire is ignorance

Works on entire countries too. :frowning:


Not that I’m aware. I lost touch in the mid-00s, when they separated.

That time Claudia set off fireworks in a bar, and the bouncer went after me…was an interesting day.


Loose things, gas, and a barrel make for another variant on the RUB (Rapid Unexpected Burn) thing. Basically all the force comes out the top of the barrel and everything flies in the air. It even works if you just use a paper bag.


Yeah, my grandfather was trying to use gas to clear weeds in his garden once. Apparently that’s something he’s been doing since he was young. It was still a very good way to start a yard fire.


I’ll give it a 9/10. Quality explosion, good yelling in german, debris everywhere. If he’d started it with a molotov cocktail that would’ve been a 10/10.


I got a chuckle. But at the same time, playing with gasoline is serious business.

A good buddy of mine’s brother was on that old show, “Rescue 911” back in the 90’s, because he poured gas onto leaves he thought were no longer burning:

He went on to be basically OK. (Until he tragically died of cancer at 19. Shit luck, that family.)


Yeah, one of the sons of our friends at church got burned pretty badly from residual gasoline and dirtbikes. It wasn’t pretty.


I knew that the actors who played Sgt Schultz and Colonel Klink on Hogan’s Heroes were Jews who had fled Europe for the US - and had lost family to the Holocaust, but I just now read that the guy who played Le Beau was a survivor of Buchenwald, and the guy who played General Burkhalter was an Austrian Jew who fled to the US as well.

Maybe that’s common knowledge, but I learned it fairly recently.