Howto: start a fire with a lemon


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Fucking batteries, how do they work?



Step1: dip lemon in gasoline.

Step 2: take out your lighter. . . .


So remember kids, if you are ever lost in the woods and its getting dark, you can start fire for both light and warmth. Just start by getting a lemon from your nearest lemon tree … ummmm … hmmmmm … pine, pine, pine, pine, elm, pine, pine, pine, maple, pine, pine, pine, pine, pine, pine, …


I especially love how this is presented on a video titled “North Survival”.
Because you find so many lemons laying around in the North Woods.


…matches are just as easy to find in the woods as lemons. But I would like to see how to charge my cell phone using a lemon, that would seem more practical.


I made the same comment on the reddit thread about this, but those are:
brass brads not copper brads

Copper would work better, as the brass has some zinc in it already, so it’s not going to be as dissimilar to the zinc nails as copper would be, so you’ll get a higher voltage with pure copper.


The lemon isn’t actually important. The zinc and copper are. The electrochemistry here is actually rather simple and the lemon only serves as a salt bridge. There is, in principle, no reason you can’t do this with an osage orange from certain kinds of trees, or even just damp dead leaves as the salt bridge. Basically, experiment with different electrolytic media, and you’re bound to stumble on one where this works.


It shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve heard some lemons are prone to spontaneous combustion anyway.


It’s harder to start a fire with a banana. It’s not as if you can just look at it.


You could also peel the lemon and squeeze the oil from the skin onto some wood that wasn’t as flammable as you would like it to be. The fire comes from somewhere else, but that’s likely the most flammable component of a lemon.


Useful if I’m ever in a post-apocalyptic citrus grove.


I know, I actually did quite well in high school science :grin:.

I happen to live in SE British Columbia, Canada, though, and had a mental mashup of this vid with SurvivorMan :laughing:
(way better than that other one)


Osage oranges are actually rather special, they can be found only on osage orange trees!

(Wiseacre wannabe wizard garden grafters can stay out of this! :P )


Wouldn’t carrying strike anywhere matches in a baggie be a lot easier?


I came here to make sure that someone had posted this. Excellent work.


Appears to be a hoax. Far too small milliwatts, barely lights an LED, cannot light a flashlight bulb. Almost certainly cannot light fires (but should test to make sure.)


Try it first. How much you bet that it’s fake?


You start by overclocking the lemon. That makes it overheat readily, and also get excitable.
Then you send it out into the woods to find some matches.