How to steal money at an ATM if you don't have a skimmer

This is the reference implementation of “smash and grab.”


Despite his usual car reviews being a rehash of the first two paras of whichever press release he was sent that week, in this case Martin Love, alleged motoring correspondent, seems to have actually driven it for a change. Maybe this year’s model is a slight improvement (emphasis on very slight).


Chaos is an unforgiving frustrated mister. And a too-attractive keyfob put on the filthy indecipherable keys of the fluid power available. But enough about Boris.

I agree. In my view the plastic £5 note solved the problem of worn out paper fivers.

The £2 coin is the largest coin in the range, and a £5 would obviously have to be larger. Why put in the work when we have a good five pound note.

Plus, as you say, people are using cash less. I’m surprised at myself for how often I use my card to make very small payments which I would have made in cash a couple of years ago.

Your mention of googling reminded me of some advice I got at a SciFi writing convention: resign yourself to the fact your browsing history will make you look like you’re studying how to be a terrorist.

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