How to take quality man selfies

Also, man selfie… Melfie? Dr. Melfie?


Looks great on my phone. Looks great on my tablet. When Im at my desktop, Im working.

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For the on-the-go entertainment, there’s the ebook reader; e-ink can stay up without recharging for 2-3 books. Forever once I kick myself into finally making that solar charging mod.

The phone is for occasional use only. Thank you, flatness fetish, for lousy batteries. And the display is annoyingly small even on the larger types.

Tablets suck. They are good at most for media consumption, the rest of their user interface sucks. When you are mostly producing, or doing extensive searches that require fast typo-free text input, and taking notes, or anything else where the flow of data goes from you to the machine in addition to just from the machine to you, a decent keyboard is a must. In comparison with tablets, even modern laptops have good keyboards, and that means something because modern laptop keyboards suck goat appendages, thank you again, flatness fetish.


Very long and useless article.


And desktops are terrible for portability.

…we are talking selfies and media consumption, not publishing or writing a book.

Last time you and I were having this conversation, I posted the article from Facebook where they divulged over half of their logins were on mobile devices. Movies, tv, and workplace applications will remain dominant on the landscape big screen, everything else belongs to mobile. And that is how it should be, i dont carw to watch youtube on my tv anyway.

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I always thought that the best selfies were the ones where the camera is out of the shot altogether and the angle is such that it seems like someone gave enough of a damn about you to take your picture?

Haha, no I’m not going to post that, it’s just mean!

… and no one is taking MY picture… not even me.

But that’s probably because I’m growing into that face I deserve! I want a selfie like I want a kick in the teeth.

Srsly tho /s, for me a selfie is like having to do voiceovers and (shudder) having to edit the video yourself. Hours of hearing my own voice, ugh ugh it takes me about ten minutes to decide no one should ever ever hear that horrid noise.


Okay, that’s the how. I still don’t get the why.


That’s what laptops are for.

Consuming-only is awfully boring.

Please, don’t push things this way. Or at least make the mobiles suck less. But I am afraid the former is easier, as difficult as it is. Not every change from the status quo is towards the better.

That’s what the laptop is for.


It’s black and white. How will we know you’re a ginger?

Wait…this is how you steal our souls, isn’t it? Like a gorgon wearing sunglasses.


Tips are legit



Other people take his selfies for him.


well yours is WAY better…i’m not even sure I’m playing this game right?!?
(these BB games can be a bit esoteric)


Welp, I was going to bed soon, but now, I’ll never sleep… thanks so much, @redesigned

(Richard Sherman’s sad face never, eve gets old!!!)


I gotta admit, I’m kind of glad to be of an age that feels like Real Men don’t need to photograph themselves.


Random thought re the filters… It may be useful to extract them from the apps and use in different context, in different workflow (think ImageMagick based commandline processing).

How difficult would be an automated “attack”, feeding the filters with a batch of standard inputs and then analyzing the differences of the outputs, describing it in a set of matrix equations that could be implemented in a language/process of choice?

How about a quality Man Ray selfie?


The only thing that reeks of desperation more than taking pictures of yourself, is several pages of them, taken from slightly different angles. Maybe it’s a generational thing.


I am currently logged into Facebook on a desktop, my phone and my tablet. Mobile devices have 200% more logins!

But my actual usage of Facebook is about 70% desktop, 25% phone and 5% tablet.

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Be that as it may mobile is by far the dominant medium for internet access in the first world - especially when discussing communication, whether it be by image or prose (contrary to @shaddack 's dismissive opinion about it being about consumption, it’s actually about connecting with other humans… And of course his preference for large computers with physical keyboards is utterly irrelevant).

Some interesting stats: - and those are from 2012! :o