How to turn your bird into a bunny


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I would try that with my bird but there is a 50-50 chance he would get pissed at me.

Cute, though.



Easier then turning a bunny into a bird:


Why not both?


You could try this with a NZ kea or kaka, if you happen to have any spare fingers whose use you no longer require.


Things my parrot attacks in a burning rage:
Images of strange humans on the screen
Images of birds (including himself) on the screen
Images of predators on the screen
People putting on gloves. Or hats.
Strange humans (in person – he ruined a co-worker’s date once)
People brushing – or attempting to brush – their hair
My spouse and child
Let’s face it, anyone who isn’t me, but only when I’m present

So obviously, I’m going to attempt this and film the process.

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