How to use a wok for deep frying

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his roasted potatoes recipe is the go-to in our house, too. i say, “ooh! let’s make Kenji’s roasted potatoes for dinner!” and the response always is “YESSSSS, those are SO GOOD.”


I love that potato recipe, but goddamn it’s a commitment for potatoes. And really energy intensive, too. It is absolutely the best crispy roasted potato recipe, though.


I never liked beef stew very much. Then I watched Kenji’s video on how he makes stew. It’s amazing. I will never make stew any other way.

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AKA How to burn your house down.

We do sweet potatoes in ours.



Wok you say? I haven’t thought of Yan for a few years.

He really is the best recipe creator, and explainer as to why recipes are the way they are. His pie crust recipe was a gamechanger for me, too, though I modified it a bit to my tastes (specifically Kerrygold butter, diced and frozen, no sugar, ~50% more water).

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