How to use an eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher (and for eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher newbies, what the heck is it?)


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The german language is amazing!


Italian, too!


Well, I am disappoint that there wasn’t a charming anecdote about how some worthy here at BB loves using this for _____ and ___ also it’s great with kids. No link? Now I can’t grouse about how commercialized BB has become. Harrrumph! Can I get a harrumph here?

So I went to amazon and got me the $7.99 version and will report. =D
My kid HATES opening soft-boiled egg shells, so I figured this may get him to eat more eggsesses.

Box without hinges, key or lid
yet inside golden treasure is hid…


How I like to imagine German was invented…

“Wilhelm, how can we ensure victory at the World Scrabble Championship?”

“Simple, Hans. We’ll remove the spaces between words!”

Now if you’ll excuse me, Amazon is calling my name.


I have one. Was hoping to be able to break eggs without eggshell mess and/ or raw egg running down the edge of the bowl.
It is important when using this on a raw egg not to do it directly on a flat surface-- because if the eggshell is on the thinner side it will just smash the egg and make a bigger mess. The egg carton is very helpful in this respect (hint: your hand is not because you will likely flinch); also you may not want to pull the weight up all the way if the eggshell is thinner.
And now you know.


“Zis is the head of the egg. Now it is not on the egg anymore”.

+1, not fake news, would watch again. (couldn’t stop giggling at that line).

…oh, and he spent much of the time in a video about removing the top of an egg, looking like he had removed the top of his head. Synchronicity, most gratifying.


Surely there must be a proper German word for that “metal thing”.


What’s with eating egg from the shell anyway?


For a hot, soft boiled egg? 'Tis the only way - with toast soldiers for dipping, of course!


I’ve always cracked them, put them on the toast, and split them while they sit on the toast.


My brother in law got one for a birthday some 20 years ago. They haven’t really changed. I don’t think anyone ever actually uses them once they’re tried out.

In a few hundred years, our ancestors will find them everywhere and try to figure them out.


Breaking their eggs at the smaller end? They deserve swift justice!


To each his or her own, it’s just that dipping is half the fun! But then sometimes the disappointed face happens, when it’s been left too long - the horrors of a hard yolk :cry:


What you did there - I see it!

(But shouldn’t it be Swift justice?)


Almost as good as Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft.




Off topic, but I stumbled across this while looking for that other thing, so what the heck:


Das ist Coruscant!


The first German Language Spelling Bee was held in 1936 as part of the Olympic Games. There are still three rounds to go.