How to use sand to hold up a car


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Favorite bit: “I dropped this 25lb barbell from about 6 feet up to simulate what would happen if you drop a 25lb weight on the cube from 6 feet up.”


Looks like a challenge for Hydraulic Press guy…



Does it work with salt as well?


Cute video, but I’m sure not working under a car propped up like that.


Oh, so this is not “hold up” as in “rob”?

  • “How to use sand to hold up a bank”

  • “How to use sand to hold up a stagecoach”

etc. etc.



I clicked “comments” so I could quote the exact same line. I liked your comment, but I’m a little mad at it. :slight_smile:


The wall would be completely stable without the concrete facing

Until it rains.


It is odd that you use the word soil. Sand is not soil. Earthen construction (Compressed Earth Block, Rammed Earth, Earthbags, Cob) do not use soil nor do they use sand alone. Sand and clay (neither of which is soil) are excellent building materials. When protected from water they will last centuries. When stabilized with lime or portland they will last centuries underwater. Nevertheless it is interesting to learn something about how highway overpasses are built.


I misread the headline and expected something like

(actually I thought of an excavator filling a covertible with sand, but found no image)


Sand and clay are definitely soil types in geotechnical terminology


I found this very interesting, seeing as I have been investigating cob and other earth building methods to make a small storage shed. Where I live, cob won’t work very well because the dirt is very sandy, with virtually no clay to bind it unless I added it. I do, however, have a lot of old dead window screens which could be tacked to leftover cementitious board for the shell and reinforcement.


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