How to use up every last bit of heavy cream


Why are you still using cream? 'Tis the season to put egg nog in your coffee.


Capital “L”! Small “A”! Capital “F”! Small “O”! Small “N”! Small “G”! LaFong! Carl LaFong!

One of the funniest movies of all time.


Seriously this.

I buy cream in quart containers for typically $4 or less. There is literally like 2 cents of cream left in one when I’m done, whoop-dee-doo.


It’s the principle of the thing. “I paid for the cream, and by god I’ll have it”


two cents of cream plus the time to go to the store, which can be successfully put off a few delicious moments longer.


and also, some of us feel guilty buying Heavy Cream on the regular, but no shame about consuming every. last. drop.


I hadn’t finished my coffee when first seeing this but I now think @beschizza is just doing this to see and giggle at our comments more than anything else… well played Rob.


I assume that about pretty much every one of his posts.


Maybe they are honoring the cow by using all of it’s cream…


I don’t see how the answer isn’t drink black coffee like an adult.

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Where do you live, Zimbabwe? That Keurig machine was $49.99


I use the watery setting too.


Finally, a civilized reader. I knew there was one.


Just remember…don’t make coffee with heavy cream and heavy water.


Au contraire. It’s $200, plus the cost of the pods.
Once you’ve invested in a Keurig, you can’t afford not to be cheap about other things.

And it’s even worse if you expect your pods to produce half decent coffee


Just the one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I saw the title, I saw who posted it, and I was really really reluctant to click and see what it was about. Happily, it did not exceed expectations.


I like my coffee like I like my women: bitter and murky.


@beschizza… You are a true genius

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")