How to use up every last bit of heavy cream


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You should really stop using a Keurig. They are terrible for the environment.


Won’t the hot liquid leach even more BPA or whatever nasty stuff makes up the plastic lining of the carton? (Educate me if I’m misinformed.)


Nah, cartons generally have LDPE linings.


Bah! W. C. Fields does something like this in It’s a Gift.

He pours his coffee into the empty sugar bowl to get out the last of the sugar.


So are ceramic mugs - they require the energy equivalent of 10,000 styrofoam cups.


But…I don’t drink coffee.

I wonder how it would taste with Coke after the volcano effect dies down?


Really do you need more reason than they make crappy coffee?


If you are so cheap about a few drops of cream why to do you have a $200 coffee maker?


Not worried about the cost of of an pricey coffee maker, nor the cost and waste of individual coffee maker packets.

But god help the 3 cents of creme stuck to the sides of the box. I paid for you and you’re mine! Mwuahhahahaha!


Oh good, I’m not the only one.



Actually it’s more like 75 from what I’ve read.


Penultimate does not mean very ultimate. Just sayin.


Nor was it used that way. That definitely says the second to last cup, in that context.


Now that you point that out, I understand the grammar, but I still don’t understand the Keurig.


Both of which make you a real human being.


Turing test: passed! On to greater conquests! Where did I put that matchbook that could get me into art school?


Not if you have a re-usable K cup that allows you to pack your own coffee grounds. They’re pretty awesome when you do that actually.


I do this with everything that has the potential to leave some delicious food behind. For example when making tomato sauce from canned tomatoes. Pour some water/stock/white wine/etc. into the can, shake and pour out every last molecule of crushed tomato or tomato paste. Same with canned beans. It helps to have one of those swiss can openers that cuts the lid off the can perfectly :wink: