How to win the wishbone wish

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Advice from the video:

-“Wait until the wishbone has dried”
Never been in the situation where all parties involved were willing to wait until later to snap the wishbone but ok

-“Pick the thicker side”
No shit

-“Use a knife to carve into the bone”
Hold on Timmy, i’m trying to cheat here…


So if I watch this video, and learn how to win the wishbone wish, then, when I do win the wishbone wish, my wish will come true? If not, then I don’t really consider it winning the wish.

But that’s ok with me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a wishbone, it’s that wishes can come true—with the power of imagination!

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There are people who would cheat at wishbone?

You name any system, there’s people trying to game it.

Cheating is the best part! :slight_smile: But in my neck of the woods the wishbone thing is actually a bet. You pull it apart, after naming the amount being bet (it’s usually a thing), and then from then on, until someone wins, whenever one of the players has to give something to the other (hand them something &c) the person that’s being given the thing has to indicate that they still remember the bet. If they fail to do so, the person giving can, once the person being given has grasped the object, remind them of the bet, thus winning.

It’s sort of like wishbone crossed with The Game (which you just lost). Great fun.

The only way to win the wishbone game is… not… to… play at all.



Your neck of the woods is very complicated :thinking:


Long, long winter evenings. You know how it is.

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