How Tyson took out Michael Spinks before throwing a punch

Hah, I had no guess of my own, I did some Googling and believed what I read. Buuuuut . . . Predator 2 was 1990? And assuming what I found to listen to was actually “Truly Dead” (since people on YouTube loooove to mislabel things), that song isn’t very drone-like at all. But I can’t argue with 1998 vs. 1988. So I’m still puzzled, and I still want “Time Machines.”

Coil was founded in 1982, and while the track from Time Machines may not have been released to album until 1998, that doesn’t mean that the band didn’t make a variation of it available earlier. They may also have released it earlier under one of the band’s pseudonyms as a side project.

They worked on several projects for which the music was never ultimately released. I posted about the Hallraiser soundtrack not to gloat, but because it was Barker himself (a friend of theirs) who contracted them for the project, and then they walked from it retaining the musical rights (thanks to Barker). Since he allowed them to retain rights, they could publish the 10" - that didn’t always happen.

They worked on other soundtracks that albums were never released for, even though the music was ultimately used for the films. It’s completely possible that the music was composed for the fight, and then a version of it was later used on the album.

Oh, I don’t blame you at all, it would be an amazingly bizarre connection between one of the most infamous athletes of all time and one of my absolute favorite bands. The section of music Tyson used is from about 0:35 to 3:00 (assuming you watched the same YouTube video I did). It’s hard to compare drones, but if you listen to the percussion that comes in from about 0:55 on, it’s plain as day in the Tyson match video.

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