How Tyson took out Michael Spinks before throwing a punch


Well hell, I wanted to read that, but the link took me to an ad, which ran for several seconds then finally offered a “Close” button. But the close button didn’t do anything, and when the ad finished I wasn’t forwarded to the article. I guess it’s not that important, and I’ll try to remember not to bother with “The Awl” links in the future.

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Some athletes take it in the other direction.

The fight was in 1988, which was not in the 90s.

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:



Yep, that was Spinks’ nickname…


AdBlockPro did a fine job of blocking that ad for me in Chrome.


You’re just jealous because you weren’t in the 90s in 1988. Tyson and I totally were.


90s means ninety seconds.

At least, I was assuming that everyone else realized that.

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…it was 91 seconds.

Oh God, I am such an ass today.

Actually, that is why I assumed it meant “the 90s” as well.

It certainly doesn’t say “the 90’s,” does it? Henceforth I shall approach my Boing with a rather more serious eye toward punctuation.

EDIT: Holy crap! Is it possible that 1988 was actually 90 seconds before the 90’s? Somebody call those guys who made Primer!

This is just silly, after-the-fact wool-gathering. I’m not buying it. Playing Creepy Music does not equate to an Instant KO by the Creepy Music-player.

Plus, was Tyson wearing earplugs? He was susceptible to the “collateral damage” of the same music when he himself entered the arena.

Iron Mike Tyson won in 1988 because “Whatever he hits, he destroys” [with apologies to Drago].

I wonder who picked the music? It’s a little hard to believe Mike Tyson would know about Coil.

Of course the first question on my mind was, “But what Coil track is that?” Because I know of Coil, but I don’t really know them. It’s this one:

Second question was, “How can I get hold of that for myself?” Answer: not easily, apparently. Wah.

That just goes to show how ahead of his time Tyson was.


I still have the 10" of “The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser” by Coil
on the sleeve is this quote from Clive Barker:

“The only group I’ve heard on disc, whose records I’ve taken off because they made my bowels churn.”


Wow, that does go for a fair amount nowadays. It’s a great album, too - just four tracks of long, evolving, hypnotic drones. It promises to facilitate travel through time and it delivers, as you often end up one hour in the future before you know it.

There doesn’t seem to be an official release still available, but I expect it’s not actually that hard to get hold of if you know where to look. If you were to do something like Google “Coil Time Machines mp3” or something like that, you never know.

That’s a good guess, but it’s a wrong guess, unfortunately. The Time Machines album wasn’t released until 1998, which was significantly later than 1988.
Turns out the song is actually “Truly Dead” by Alan Silvestri from the Predator 2 soundtrack.