How we developed a black woman protagonist who mattered


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Could our character be a woman?

Well, sure!

Could she be a woman of color,

Well, sure!

could she wear sensible clothes?

What? Now that’s just crazy talk! She’d at least have to wear high heels, or black lipstick or something.


Certainly black lipstick can be sensible… or at least not an obstruction to running, fighting, etc… Heels now…


She DOES have black lipstick!


I’m all for female characters in cool, sensible costumes… but why wear a flack jacket when piloting a space ship? Surely a vacuum suit would be more useful for space combat?


I used to think heels for action heroes was silly, too. Now I watch my five-year-old do amazing things in his mum’s shoes, and I’m not so sure.


I would like this, but I’m out of likes for about 40 more minutes… I’ll get Agnew to do the hard work!


In zero-g it is very hard to keep track of your purse. #personalexperience


There is an art to the naming of things.

" Beretta " is the name of an international weapons trading and manufacturing
company. It is their trade mark. It is an Italian family name.
They have after 400 years of practice managed to produce some decent shotguns, but have to this date
never managed to make a rifle or a pistol fit for olympic competition.
The company ( and subsidiaries ) also has a historical record of supplying arms to oppressive governments.

In the tradition of the sagas a hero has a name and a family. A foundling is named with his or her foster parents. An expatriate is named after his exiled city or country. An exeptional person is named by friends by a certain physical trait, skill or dare.
A weapon may be named by the first wielder and may be inherited by his or her next kin. But they are always separate. And they are always in contest. The valkyrie is always tired, and the blade is always thirsty for blood.

And the name of the protagonist should not be the name of whatever the arms peddler sells that night.

But it does not matter, the world will not change and we are heading for the abyss.


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