How would I resize an inline image?


Say I’m linking to a 1000 pixel wide image but would prefer to post it 300 wide. I know how in some forums that use IMG tags but not here.


You can use <img> tags here.

<img src="" height=25 width=35>

<img src="" height=250 width=350>


I wonder if this breaks the autoformat limit if I embiggen it.

ETA: Nope. Cool. :slight_smile:


OK, here goes test:

Great, thanks!


IME even when you just drop in the image source url, once you save your comment, the img tag has been generated for you, and the height and width attributes will be there for editing.


0x0 doesn’t work, though 1x1 and up works.


IME, it takes 5 minutes, and isn’t entirely reliable.


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