Pasted images - new syntax?

The markup that gets attached to pasted images seems to have changed. I used to shrink such images by (for example) cutting the width in half and dropping the height altogether. I just tried something similar with the new syntax, and it didn’t work. Can someone (@codinghorror?) explain the change?

For example, consider the following 3 images:



The first specifies image|189x55] (the actual size, from pasting), the third image|85x27]. The second is image|85], which I would have expected to be the same size as the third. It was really convenient to be able to just fiddle with one number for resizing an image.


Can you give a screen capture of what you are seeing?

I’m getting
Which seems to work as you want it to

I’m using Firefox Developer Edition 55.0b10 (64-bit)

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It changed since I first posted it, and now looks correct.


Looks great ! :muscle:

I just had the same problem in another thread: I pasted an image, decided it was too wide, cut it down, and it didn’t change. I will check back in a couple of hours to see if it has changed in the meantime, but if editing the parameter doesn’t create an immediate change in the preview pane - let alone the actual web page - then that is a bug.

I believe you are supposed to be a percentage, deleting image dimensions is very bad form as it will cause the text to shift when the page loads, so please do not do that.

It is the way I’ve been doing it for years, and it worked fine until it didn’t. I didn’t know about the optional scaling parameter, and will use it from now on.

Was there some kind of announcement about this here that I missed?

Nope you were ahead of the curve!

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