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Hey @codinghorror, was there a change in the past couple of days that changed how uploaded images are shown? I’ve uploaded some portrait images only to have them end up as cropped landscape versions once they’re posted. See here for example.



I see @d_r posted something that looks landscape, but I think that was by adding white sidebars.

I was wondering if you could futz about with the sizes when you uploaded but it already looks right, just displaying them in this annoying way.

A new game for @othermichael? Post pictures that look one way in the preview, but when you click them and see the full image…


If the height to width ratio is extreme, as in the image is super tall, we do crop the thumbnail now.

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Is this really “super tall”, or just portrait?

The H:W crop ratio was initially set too aggressively when we added this extra-tall image thumbnail cropping feature a few days ago, I deployed latest here – give it a shot now and see if it’s better. cc @zogstrip


That pose looks really painful.


Exactly what I did. The original was just under a .7 ratio, I changed it to just over 1.0. In this case it wasn’t too onerous since I was already in a graphics program in order to create the image.

More or less painful than this?:


How did you do that? Yesterday, to post that without white borders, I would have needed to do this:

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Just read the replies earlier in the topic?

So what is the new ratio that triggers thumbnailization?

I also have a graphics program open to do some work, so let’s find out for ourselves.

Edit: Looks like a 1:2 width:height ratio will trigger thumbnailing. I’m not thrilled with the thumbnail being generated from the top of the image, but eh…


16 by 9 is the ratio you are looking for.

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