How would you make a Vs Match Three game

That doesn’t feel like it’s cheating?

Let’s take Gems of War, Puzzlequest, and all because i like the idea of blending puzzle/casual with RPG mechanics. However these games both feel like the AI either cheats blatantly in being able to see what drops next, or is so stupid that the RNG has to weight heavily in favor of the AI (you make a move which causes gems to fall that suddenly favor damage tiles to hit, match fours 9extra turns,) cascades of matches to fill up meters so moves can be used, etc.)

It’s super frustrating because i like the RPG components enough to want to like these games since it’s supposed to be casual pick up or drop as you can spare ten minutes. However hwen multipul people point out how cheaty it feels and the dev team goes ‘we are telling you our AI does NOT cheat, your perception is just screwed up here’s papers supporting our assertions we’re in the right and you’re stupid’ It just…

Guys you have to realize apple went through the same problem and instead of pointing fingers at the customer they took steps to make sure their randomiser actually felt random.

See that’s where they lose me, pointing the finger at people that they want to pay them money going 'no it’s YOUR fault. Deal with it.’ That is not kosher and makes me want to make my own game… except I’m utter shite at programming.

Well, what if they’re telling the truth? What if it doesn’t “cheat” but you still think it does? Does that count as “pointing the finger?”

Yes it does because it is very ‘you’re the problem’ when the whole point is to have fun and if it doesn’t feel like i"m having fun because it feels like the thing’s cheating there’s a problem. Like i said they should take the apple approach and find a way to figure out how to deal with the perception issue. They know it exists, that’s waht they point at.

They should rewrite their software because, although it is fair, one user feels cheated anyway? Have you tried playing in beginner mode?

They claim it is fair and have pointed to papers about bias confirmation, but it’s one of those free to play things so I can’t vouch for their fairness without feeling like it may well be skewed towards ‘here pay money to upgrade your stuff NOW.’

I mean it’ still fun when the RNG isn’t being brutal and I like the genre. I just wonder how else one could code an AI opponent in a match 3, because theirs frankly seems a bit stupid and looksl ike it needs RNG help most times and others needing player sloppyness to overlook things.

You paid nothing for this game, but you demand they rewrite their code to make you feel better anyway?

No. I’m asking what better options would be if I could find the wherewithal to make something of my own in the same vein, since puzzlequest and galacrix had the same issues of it feeling like the gem drops heavily favor the AI opposition, and those are games i had paid for. A problem happening once, OK inexperianced team. A problem happening four different times? That’s just willfull ‘we don’t care to do it different.’

It’s mostly the ‘YOU are the one that’s hte problem here’ snittyness of their explaination that is hwhat got my goat. At least that’s how it feels anyway. I don’t like the finger being pointed at me while at the same time asking me to give money.

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