How you make excuses in order to maintain your beliefs


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This doesn’t apply to me because I am a special case. I don’t make excuses, I have explanations that you are simply too unintelligent to appreciate.


Consistency isn’t always great, either. Sometimes people try to, for example, discourage a boycott by saying, “If you really want to boycott X then to be consistent you’ll have to avoid these 10,000 unavoidable things. You HAVE to, or you’ll be inconsistent!” No, I’ll just boycott those five things I choose to boycott.


You too, huh? :wink:


You know, an awful lot of theology is the study of how people make excuses in order to maintain their beliefs. I can’t speak for philosophy, it mostly sends me to sleep.


That deep dream image, though…



I stick with, “LA LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING!!!” to protect my half witted beliefs.


Sometimes the write-ups for these episodes sound interesting, but the logo of the white moustachioed guy making the smug Dreamworks brow, and the podcast title more or less being “Well, Actually: The Podcast” are so thoroughly repulsive in combination (in an affective way, that I’m sure the incredulous, ‘logical’ mascot man would be happy to explain to me) that I can never bring myself to actually listen to an episode.


You should at least try an episode, if only to give yourself a more solid base for your dislike. And, you know, you don’t have to look at the moustache through the whole episode.


At school, we once had an enormously patronising guest speaker (to make it worse, the week before we had had a NATO general who had given us a very insightful, balanced and thought provoking explanation of the strategic position in Europe, and we were getting used to feeling we were adults).
We were complaining about this after the talk when one of our number - who went on to become an academic - remarked that he had learned a couple of things he wanted to know, and that he suspected that in research you have to wade through a lot of garbage to find the useful stuff, so it was just useful practice, filtering out the background noise.


. . . and that explains why Bernie Sanders is still running.




Ah, so that’s why political correctness was invented.




Or as I like to say, consistency is the hallmark of a petty mind.



You imply that the emails might contain embarrassing information. Sanders says his wife does all their taxes. Could he be holding back his taxes, because his wife may have, um, fudged a few figures, not unlike what she did when she lead Burlington College into financial disaster, putting her now under suspicion of committing bank fraud?


I have once again got in out of my depth, for which I apologise, and have deleted the relevant posts.




Or could he be holding back evidence that he framed Ted Cruz for the Zodiac murders? Or could he be Old Man Smithers in disguise? Could he be the lost lovechild of Chiang Kai Shek?