HOWTO bake nested, hemispherical cakes



I would think the inner core would taste horrible after being baked thrice.

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Okay good…up until they pull out and say decorate it.

WTF? the work on the outside is best part…and nothing is shown about doing that? Is it fondent, is it brushed on, is it sprayed on? WHAT IS IT?

It’s like reading a book with the last chapter ripped out.


Nice, but lots of wastage when its being trimmed down to the half sections.

I never understood why they dye butter and cheddar cheese.

Not necessarily. It looks like you cut away almost an inch off the top of the finished cake, so if you don’t bake it for too long it shouldn’t be overcooked in the center.

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RE: Wastage. Not really if you have pets or small children.


Is this a hemispherical, or a spherical cake?

Now it’s time to cut off the excess. For this step, you’ll want to stop making a video and actually go buy yourself at least one decent knife.

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I hear it tastes like metallic hydrogen.

One time I tried to make a plaid cake…and failed miserably (the convection currents while baking turned my carefully patterned plaid into rainbow marble). Still looked cool…but not plaid. Maybe this approach could work. Probably wouldn’t be very good to eat though by the time you’ve baked 5-6-7 times…

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